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How to travel by renting the car to another person? | 🌄 Sant Antonio Adventures

How to travel by renting the car to another person?

The idea of ​​the sharing economy advances a lot and in many ways in a good direction.

One of the best ideas I heard these days and that will help many travelers in Europe is to be able to rent the vehicle to a private individual.

The company Drivy has created this new system in 2010 by which it puts car owners in contact with people who do not have their vehicle.

This system is perfect if you are one of the people who like to drive but does not have a car of his own or does not want to travel hundreds of kilometers but only travels cities.

As we already told you in other entrances to Miri and I like to travel the road by car if we can because you have a great time, you can stop anywhere, you go from door to door and the route and times you mark.

You drive

One of the advantages offered by this carsharing system is that you are the driver of the car.

This aspect is placed above others where the owner of the vehicle is the one who drives all the time and you pay a fare as if it were a shared taxi.

With this car rental system to individuals what you do is go wherever you want and take the people you need or want.

55,000 vehicles in Europe

I know what you’ll be asking, traveler. Yes, there are cars (and many) around Europe and the numbers do not stop growing.

With a community of 2.5 million people, Drivy offers more than 55,000 vehicles in 6 countries in Europe.


Like many other shared systems, it has some advantages with which you will be more than delighted or delighted.

One of the main ones is the low cost of a vehicle, something competitive compared to rental companies.

The costs range from € 20 for 4 hours of rent or € 27 if you want to rent the whole day.

Of course, this is an initial price only and depending on model, comfort, size and other features, prices may vary.

Another good thing it has is that it has no cost for registration in the system.

And one of the best things is that when renting the vehicle 200 kilometers per day are included that you can use as you want and you have additional drivers included.

How does it work

The way it works is very simple.

Thanks to the mobile application you can make a reservation of what is called Drivy Open. In other words, the app tells you where there is a car and you approach it and you can open it with your application.

Of course, for this to be safe you will first have to verify your identity by uploading your data, a photo of your driving license and your passport or ID.

The system is very safe because you use an app linked to you and your phone so you should not worry about any risk.

On the trip, you can control everything from the mobile application.

Once you return it you close it, lock it with the app and thus deliver the car.

Rent your car

As the system connects users who do not have a car with vehicle owners, this company has also made it easy for the owners.

As they explain on their website about how to rent your car the steps are simple.

  1. You register your vehicle.
  2. With the app, you receive rental requests.
  3. You authorize them.
  4. And you start earning money with the rent.

If your car is inside the system known as Drivy Open, users can use the mobile application.

But if you prefer or if you are not in the area to use the app you just have to stay with who will rent your vehicle, deliver it and the person returns it to you when finished.

Also, the owner of the vehicle is protected by any eventuality that may occur.


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