Memories are the best souvenirs

I also catch myself always taking a fridge magnet. Nine out of ten times it comes from a souvenir shop, so I’m contradicting myself at the moment. This is such a tradition that we started at home, so if I come back without a magnet, then I can immediately pack my bags again. But that aside. A journey always ends faster than you think, but you can still cling to that feeling with souvenirs. But to which object do you attach such value?

The perfect souvenir

Which item can you take with you as a souvenir of a country? Food? Traditional clothing? A porcelain figurine? There are of course enough options, but what I remember the most are personal memories. They are available in several ways. Are you going on a boat trip? Save the boarding ticket. Do you get a band for a festival? Then do not throw it away immediately. These are all reminders of a good time. At least, that is the intention. As far as it is possible I keep all my plane tickets, (entrance) tickets, festival bands, and any notes.

With a souvenir, you don’t always have to think about an item that immediately tells you from which country it is. A souvenir can also be a certain scent or a nice dress that you have bought there by chance. Of course, you can also have good memories of this without everyone immediately seeing that it is a ‘souvenir’.

Mirror, mirror in my hand. Are you the best souvenir in this country?

In addition to the traditional souvenirs, I always try to collect my moments differently. And how do I do that? Try to think in terms of other possibilities. During my minor in Denmark, I came during thrift shopping happen to be an authentic Danish flag. This was not exactly a bargain, but I had to have it. Once I got home, I realized that I had bought a flag that was washed out. The plan was to do something fun with it. It is a disgrace to many countries if a flag is attacked – and it was not my intention to insult Denmark – but I used it to record my best memories. And in this case, they were the new people I met. With a pen and my flag ready, I had all my friends write something on the flag. From drawings to quotes and memories, everything was put on the flag. In the beginning, I found the sin of the flag, but now it has become my most beautiful souvenir.

In Australia, I wanted to pursue the same concept, but finding an authentic flag was a challenge there. Then on to plan B: postcards. Nice and easy and always fun. But I didn’t just want to stick to those simple cards. I wanted to make a relic out of it. How? By letting everyone I know on location write something on it. You also immediately note the date, so that you unconsciously make a kind of journal. That way I received a book full of scribbles from people I got to know and I am always reminded of the nice things we did at that location. Of all the things I bought on my trip, nothing beats this bundle of joy.

Collect moments, not things

To return to the quote … Collecting moments is of course what you have to do. Live in the moment, enjoy, absorb it all. It is never wrong to bring traditional (standard) souvenirs. Almost everyone does that. Just remember that there are so many other ways and objects with which you can relive that one moment.

After returning home, make your playlist of the music that reminds you of your last trip. For me, photos are also real souvenirs. I print them out and they appear on my notice board. Something you can use in daily life always works well. To show off, as a silent memory, or simply because it’s beautiful. A lamp, a mug … you name it!

Are you looking for a great idea as a souvenir? Then take a look at Pinterest. This platform full of creative ideas will probably help you to come home with something original.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep your holiday feeling a little longer.

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