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The best time to travel to Oxford (and when not to go) | 🌄 Sant Antonio Adventures

The best time to travel to Oxford (and when not to go)

The best time to travel to Oxford

The first thing you are going to think about is that in the United Kingdom it all comes down to travel in summer and not travel in winter.

You’re wrong.

There are cities that, if you don’t have something special to do, it is better to avoid even when the weather is fantastic. And I’m going to tell you why, but first I’m going to talk about the weather.

Yes, the United Kingdom is a place that can be very rainy, cold and dark in winter, so it is better to avoid it at that time. But there are also reasons to do so.

To travel to Oxford you don’t have to think only about the weather, but about other important factors.

Summer has its attractions and its points in favor that I will tell you in a moment.

As you can imagine I am summarizing the weather in summer and winter assuming that autumn and spring are part of these groups accordingly.

Travel in winter to Oxford, pros, and cons

Winter is one of the times that Europeans and Latin American people avoid visiting England or Scotland.

It is not a novelty that you will find a slightly friendly climate and much more the more you climb on the map. But as someone once told me: there is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes.

One of the great reasons for traveling to Oxford in winter is the few people you will meet. That in addition to prices makes it a destination you should think about.

At Christmas time you can enjoy the city with a lot of magic and color.

If you also decide to do it at Christmas time you will find a city full of lights, many Christmas trees and a festive climate as in few places.

But everything has its bad part. Winter, as you well know, it is cold in this part of the world, but to this, we must add the few hours of sun or rainy moments that could complicate the trip.

Winter in Oxford – in favor

  • The hotels are much cheaper
  • There are fewer tourists on the street and the city becomes more pleasant
  • At Christmas time the city illuminates a lot
  • You can see what a typical English city is like in winter.

Winter in Oxford – against

  • Daylight hours are few and you will have to get used to doing things at night.
  • The cold can become very annoying.
  • Rain and wind can complicate everything.
  • You may have fewer options for tours and activities.

Why travel to Oxford in summer

Summer is the best time to travel to Oxford. Thus, without turns.

In summer the weather is much better, there are no overheating heats, the rain is not intense or you may not even see it and the days are longer.

A good time to travel to Oxford is at the end of May beginning of June until mid-September.

But for the weather you have to keep in mind two important things :

August is a month with many travelers and prices go through the clouds.

Be careful because prices in summer can go through the clouds.

From the middle of July, the students of huge groups arrive that can make the city an overwhelming place.

Traveling in summer to Oxford has its pros and cons as you can see, but to sum it up I will make you a shortlist so you can draw your conclusions.

Traveling to Oxford in summer – in favor

  • There are many more activities to do
  • The weather is mild and sometimes mild heat
  • The days are longer
  • The streets have a different, more vibrant life

Travel to Oxford in summer – against

  • Hotel prices go through the clouds
  • August is very expensive.
  • Since mid-July, it is full of students.
  • The streets can be full of people.

Conclusion of the best time to travel to Oxford

My recommendation is that you do not rule out making a long weekend getaway even when it is in the wintertime because it is a city that you will enjoy very much.

But if you are looking for a good climate, I advise you to travel between the end of May until the beginning of September.

But be careful with doing so in mid-July or August because there is so much demand that accommodation prices and almost all activity go through the clouds.


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