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Volendam, Marken, Edam and Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam | 🌄 Sant Antonio Adventures

Volendam, Marken, Edam and Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam

If you wonder where the famous windmills and tulips of Holland are, read on to know what you have to do to visit them.

If you travel to Holland you can make several excursions to the towns that are close to Amsterdam, one of the most popular is to visit the windmills of Zaanse Schans.

But it is also common to visit Edam, Marken, and Volendam, which are very beautiful villages in Holland.

If you have a completely free day, you can take it on an excursion to Volendam, Marken, Edam and Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam.

Seeing these villages in a single day can be a bit difficult since Zaanse Schans is in the interior and the other villages are in the coastal area. Therefore, it is best to make two different excursions from Amsterdam and thus get to know them better.

Get to know Volendam, Marken, Edam and Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam in one day

But let’s focus on the idea of ​​knowing all these little towns in a single day.

As I said before you can go by bus or train and then try to walk it on your own on foot.

You can also rent a vehicle if you feel comfortable driving in another country.

The tour has an approximate cost of 42 euros, it will not take you to know the 4 villages but we will tell you what to do to achieve it.

The tour departs from the center of Amsterdam at 9: 30, so it is advisable to arrive between 9:00 and 9:15.

The first stop is at Zaanse Schans, where you can get to know the windmills, the traditional houses of the 15th century and the factory of clogs and Dutch cheeses.

In the second stop, Edam, you will know the round cheeses and a bit of their history. Then, in Volendam you can cross the polders, this is one of the most beautiful and colorful fishing villages.

And finally, your tour will end in Marken and then return to Amsterdam.

In this way, instead of taking two days to tour Volendam, Marken, Edam and Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam, you can do it in a single day.

While it is a slightly more expensive method, you can also save some time and enjoy a guided tour.

On the other hand, if you pay about 12 euros extra, you will have a meal in Volendam. The menu includes a main course that is roast chicken breast or fried cod, with homemade chips, bread, salad, and water.

Vegetarians and vegans do photosynthesis or take some food with us.

Or, you will have free time to go to eat wherever you want.

Go to Volendam, Marken, Edam and Zaanse Schans on our own

Touring Volendam, Marken, Edam and Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam is possible, it is cheaper but perhaps the experience is not the same as with the tour.

To go to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam, you must take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Koog Zaandjk Station.

Then, you should walk about 10 minutes to the mills.

If you decide to take the bus, you can do it from Amsterdam Central Station by taking line 391 to Zaanse Schans.

This journey can take approximately 30 minutes. These trips are priced at less than 10 euros per person (round trip).

On the other hand, to go from Amsterdam to Volendam you can take bus 316, which has the route Amsterdam, Edam, Volendam. When you are in Volendam you take the ferry to Marken, which can be free if you have the I Amsterdam Card.

Getting to know Zaanse Schans

If you take the tour, the first stop you will make will be the windmills. Zaanse was a very important industrial region in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The town had mills that allowed to produce linseed oil, paper, mustard, paint, and other products. Already in the seventeenth century, it had up to 600 mills.

Another stop will be in a clog factory. This is because many of the historic houses have become craft shops.

Visit Edam

When you finish in Zaanse Schans you will take a bus, the trip will take about 25 minutes and you will end in Edam. It is a very small town, with old houses, very quiet but known for its cheeses.

In 1357 it was recognized as a city and a duty-free port for commerce was created. It was a very good period for trade-in Edam, as many ships arrived with merchants, improving the economy of the town.

If you liked Amsterdam’s channels, you will love Edam’s. Both its streets and canals are very beautiful.

Then, you will arrive at the Cheese Market. This is the most famous place in the town, located in a small square where cheese was previously commercialized.

The local artisan farmers transported the cheese through the canals. When they arrived on land, they were transported with sleds drawn by two men.

Keep in mind that if you visit the Cheese Market in summer, on Wednesdays there are historical reenactments that begin at 10:30 until noon.

The Edam Cheese Factory

Another stop in Edam will be at the Edam Cheese Factory by Henri Willig. In the factory, they will explain to you how the different types of cheese are made and the manufacturing process of each one. Of course, everything will be told in Spanish.

When finished, you can go to the storage area where you can see the wide variety of cheeses, and even try them. Among the different cheeses, you can try are walnut, chili, pesto and more, it should be noted that they are very delicious.

Knowing Volendam

The next destination is the coastal town of Volendam and you will reach it from Edam, the journey will be about 15 minutes. You will know the street that surrounds the port and its shops.

As in Edam, there is a cheese factory but it is much more interesting than Henri Willig’s.

The tour will give you some free time to walk the streets on your own and eat at a restaurant before going to Marken.

On the other hand, if the tour you are doing on your own. To take the ferry that takes Marken you must buy the tickets in Volendam, which cost approximately 7.5 euros.

Getting to know Marken

Knowing Marken is very easy it consists of very beautiful and old fishermen’s houses. The little houses you can see are next to the port, and if you arrive on time you could also visit the clog factory.

Return to Amsterdam from Marken

Going back to Amsterdam is about 30 minutes. It will not be necessary to take another ferry since they have joined the island with a 2-kilometer bridge. So you can take a bus from Marken to Amsterdam.

If you go on your own without a tour, you can take the time you want at this last stop. Since many buses pass until midnight, so there is no hurry.


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